Concerning the Exclusion of Professor/ Rauf Hamid

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Both Hisham Mubarak Law Center (HMLC) and the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) condemn the Health minister’s decision to exclude Professor / Rauf Mohammed Hamid from the Board of Directors of

the National Pharmaceutical Control and Research Council and head of the General Division of pharmacology, because of standing in front of the corruption incidents common in the National Pharmaceutical Control and Research, which includes theft of scientific research and passing of pharmacological researches with contradictory results and also addressing the abuse and exploitation of young researchers.

Both organizations also condemn the board for refusing to implement the General Division of pharmacology’s decision and scientific Standing Committee’s recommendation to withdraw the title of the scientific researcher Sherifa Kamal Ahmed after it was discovered that she used others` researches to get the degree. In response to this discovery, done by Prof. / Rauf Hamed, she filed two misdemeanor charges against the latter accusing him of insulting her during a meeting of the General Division of pharmacology on May 14th 2007. The charges include performing fraud-like acts and cheating, though the charge was a decision of the General Division and not an individual act of Prof. / Rauf Hamid.

In the other charge, she accuses him of misdemeanor based on his statements to “El Ahali” newspaper on February 13th 2008, where he accuses her of stealing the researches and acquiring the degree illegally. Both organizations believe that the method of prosecution is a kind of terrorism against honest people who refuse to remain silent and are determined to tackle corruption in this country, especially when this conduct is sponsored by the support of leaders of government institutions and bodies.


Both organizations consider the decision to exclude Dr. / Raouf Hamid form the Council of the General Authority For Control and Pharmaceutical Research and the General Division of Pharmacology and supporting corrupt people who claim scientific honesty, as far as it means discrimination against those who defend the requirements of scientific, functional and public health. It also means, equally, the protection of corruption and corrupt people who are not as interested in science as a value or public health as a social commitment as much as they are interested in sycophancy and want to get into higher positions at the expense of others.

Both organizations demand:

First: canceling the decision of Prof. Rauf Hamed `s exclusion form the General Division of Pharmacology.

Second: implementing the General Division of Pharmacology’s decision and the Scientific Standing Committee’s decision to withdraw the title of the researcher Sherifa Kamal proven to be guilty of stealing others` researches to acquire her degree.

In this respect, Hisham Mubarak Law Center and Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression calls upon all human rights organizations, political powers, and those who are concerned to cooperate with each other and support Prof. Rauof Hamed in his fight against corruption and in his battle to protect scientific ethics and scientific search independence…

Hisham Mubarak Law Center

Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression



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