Workshop Around Students Rights and Freedoms

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The Academic Freedom Program at the Association for Freedom of thought and Expression (AFTE) in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation organized a two-day workshop about “students` rights and freedoms”.

25 students participated in the workshop form student leaders. The workshop, held at Development Support Center for Consultancy and Training (DSC) on 13th – 14th August, aimed at raising the awareness of student leaders around issues related to students rights and freedom. Sessions and meetings tackled the concept of university independence and its development. They also dealt with the restrictions and problems mentioned in the Student Statute, amended on October 2007, also all student work forms available apart from the student unions` frame and the students’ role in managing their affairs and the university’s

The workshop participants also presented the cons mentioned in the presidential decree no. 365/79 known as the “Students Statute”, amended on October 2007 that puts restrictions over the students’ freedoms and rights.

Sessions and workgroups were conducted to discuss some rights issues concerning the students’ rights and freedoms in Egyptian universities.

محتوى المدونة منشور برخصة المشاع الإبداعي نَسب المُصنَّف 4.0