(AFTE) is calling the President of Fayoum University to open an immediate investigation of the criminal attacks perpetrated against the students yesterday and investigate with the responsible

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AFTE demanded the President of Fayoum University today to order an immediate investigation with those responsible for the criminal attacks perpetrated against the students yesterday, a prelude to bring those responsible to trial. The association also asked to specify those responsible for direct instigating and participating in the assault of the students from the guard at the University affiliated to the Ministry of the Interior from the Egyptian Universities and to hold them criminally responsible.

The Association demanded to stop the University guards responsible for these crimes until the end of investigations of the incident.

AFTE stated: “This ongoing criminal aggression practiced against Egyptian University students during the past few days is emphasizing the need to expel the guards of Ministry of Interior at Egyptian Universities, and we will not allow the continuation of these attacks and the impunity of perpetrators.”

According to information received by the AFTE from Fayoum University students, a group of approximately 200 people and a number of guards attacked the University students from 20 Muslim Brotherhood students while holding a graduation party for fourth year students at the Faculty of Education and as they passed in front of the Faculty of Engineering with a group of decorations and gifts, large crowds of security forces and thugs attacked them and beat them severely causing a large number of students multiple injuries and they are:

1. Mohamed Ahmed Saad (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom) suffered a broken lower jaw.

2. Ahmed Mohamed Sophie (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom) suffered a suspicion of cerebral concussion.

3. Mahmoud Haroun Shahat (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom)suffered a breaking in the right leg

4. Mohamed Ibrahim Ali Hijazi (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom) suffered a broken leg.

5. Mohamed Abdel-Azim Ashour (Faculty of Education) suffered a bruised spine.


6. Ibrahim Mohammed Ali (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom). suffered head injuries.


7. Ahmed Ramadan Awais suffered wounds in the hand and face.


8. Ali Faraj Allah suffered wounds in the hand and face.




Security forces arrested a group of students while they were receiving treatment at the University Hospital and Fayoum general hospital and they are:




1. Ali Abdel Hasib (Faculty of Education).


2. Khalid Ahmed (Faculty of Education).


3. Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom).


4. Mohammed Hamad Saad (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom).


5. Mahmoud Harun Shahat. (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom).




They were sent to the prosecution today at dawn where the Public Prosecution ordered transferring them to the hospital to prepare a medical report on the injuries, show them early to the prosecution, and so far the students were not transferred to the hospital, they are now in custody of Fayoum’s Bandar police station.




During the attempt of Muhammad Ibrahim (faculty of Dar ‘Ilom), Ibrahim Mohammed Ali (Faculty of Dar ‘Ilom), Ahmed Ramadan (Faculty of Education), Mohamed Abdel-Azim Ashour (Faculty of Education), to report the attacks they faced, the security forces arrested and detained them.




AFTE asked the President of Fayoum University to bare his responsibilities to protect students from the practices and attacks by the security forces at the University affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, and open an immediate investigation on those attacks and prosecute those responsible.

محتوى المدونة منشور برخصة المشاع الإبداعي نَسب المُصنَّف 4.0