Egyptian government must stop violating freedom of expression

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Announced that both the Association of freedom of thought and expression, and Support for Information Technology Centre on the full solidarity with Dr. Hazem Abdel-Azim outgoing president of the Center for Freedom of Technological Innovation, and former candidate for the post of Minister of Communications, in the face of pressures put on by the leadership of the Ministry of Communications, to deprive him of his natural right to expression of opinion, under the pretext that a public official, is not entitled to express his opinion of any of the media without official approval of the minister, who followed his work. Which he rejected, and forced Him to resign.

The continuation of the Government of Dr / Essam Sharaf to follow the policies of the media blackout, and to prevent their officials of government from speaking to the media, is an infringement explicit on the rights of these citizens to express their views, and an extension of the policies of the lack of transparency inherited from the Mubarak regime, and the encroachment traveled the rights of citizens to know What the government is doing. And promote policies to impede the flow of information in Egyptian society.

The Egyptian government has to stop the infringement on freedom of expression, which is the inherent right of every citizen, and adopt a clear policy lead to more transparency on the performance of government bodies, and stop depriving civil Staff of their inherent right to express their views, and to exercise pressure on government officials because of their personal.

The continuation of the policies being gagged, and the confiscation of the right to expression, and restricting the rights of government employees in the administrative decisions of the expression, is the continuation of the policies of the Egyptian government to infringe on the right of expression, freedom of information. And freedom of information, and rights which were exposed to flagrant violations during the last few months, under the current government.

Finally, the two institutions demanding the government’s decision to cancel Dr / Essam Sharaf, preventing government officials from making statements without the consent of the competent minister, and policies and to stop putting pressure on government officials to prevent them from expressing their views. And pursue policies that promote freedom of expression and circulation of information, disclosure and transparency in government.

Support Center for Information Technology (D3M)

Association of freedom of thought and expression



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