Military council must stop violating freedom of media

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Association of freedom of thought and expression with support Association  for information technology( da3m)  have announced its solidarity with presenter ” Dina AbdEl Rahaman”  the presenter of “saba7 dream” program on dream channel For being fired from the channel and for stopping her program yesterday, Sunday 24th of July, for hosting an episode  including many criticisms directed to supreme council of the armed forces .

The episode hosted groupof journalists  ” NaglaaBedir” and “KhaledEl-Balshy”  who criticized the supreme council of the armed force thatcontrols Egypt now as areplay for his release on Friday 22nd of July.

Thesupreme council has accused the movement of 6th Aprilby making conflicts between the military and the people and receiving external funding.

The episode has witnessed a conversation between ” Dina Abd El- Rahman” and the  journalist ” NaglaaBedir ” and the member of the military council  (General major) ” Abd El Monaim Cato” about the accusations to the opposition youth movement, and the accusation forwarded by ” Cato ” to two of the candidates  of the presidential elections- while  he refused to mention their names- He accused them by being working for the benefits of the United States of America.

As well the episode has included assured information from the journalist ” Khaled El Balshy” about the bloody conflicts in ” Abasia district “, he said that military police and the members of the central security who follow the ministry of interior have cooperated with bullies for beating the peaceful demonstrators, and he said that he has seen the bullies that are protected by military police whilethrowing demonstrators by stones.


It became very clear that there is violating for media freedom after repeating the episode,and canceling the part of criticizing  the military council  from the original one  because it included an attack and criticizing  the policies of the military council in Egypt right now.

After all ” DinaAbdEl –Rahman” found herself fired from the channel because she didn’t respect borders ofprofessionalism in criticizing the supreme council of the armed forces who controls now a political life that forbidden media from criticizing its decisions.

Also the two associations condemns the performance of the military council towards the freedom of expression and media during last months  since it controls the authority in the country,and till now,Starting by preventing the Egyptian channels from presenting any news about the military council unless what the department of moral affairs allow to be published ,passing by the  confession of some people who work in media that the military council intervene in what they publish,and calling some journalists and media men for military prosecutor ,ending by the incident of ” Dina Abd el Rahman ” that has been denied by the Egyptian civil society and other  Egyptian democratic forces.

The two association that assigned this release ask the military council for respecting freedom of expression and media and what is related to this right. According to all international charters and treaties that military council had announced his respect to it since he became the controller of Egypt. And also it asks for not intervening in media affairs to stop violating the freedom of opinion and expression and the freedom circulating information.

Finally, the two association offer human rights and legal support, for those who suffer like ” DinaAbd el Rahman” from  such violations , and that is based on our convection that there is no existence for any free society without freeing  media from the authoritarian regimes.

Association of freedom of thought and expression

Support for Information Technology (D3M)

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