Investigating with 13 Cairo University students for demanding the departure of the President Freedom of Thought and Expression condemns Cairo University’s organized suppression campaigns

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Association for “Freedom of Thought and Expression” condemns Cairo University’s organized suppression campaign. Dr. Hossam Kamel, the President leads this campaign against students calling for their right to study without restrictions.

Yesterday, Cairo University administration announced the President’s decision to investigate with 13 students, in which they were called before the investigation committee for doing some violations such as “sit- in” inside the campus and crying out against university heads with quotes -according to the university administration- considered “insult and libel”.

As a result, work stopped in the administration building, scenery created before the visitors that work is not properly done and putting posters before the university’s main building quoting “go away”.

This abusive act done by Dr. Hossam Kamel is not the first one in this semester in which a month ago, 9 students from Media Faculty, whom were sitting – down for dismissing the dean, were called for investigation. Moreover, 5 lecturers supporting the students were also called for investigation.

Here we can ask about the gains existing after the 25th January revolution in order to create, inside the Egyptian universities, a suitable climate for study covered with freedom. Though, the phrase “‘go away”, which the President doesn’t accept and sent the students to investigation due to it, has excluded a 30 years corrupt regime. The President totally refuses to be criticized and he can easily send any person (student or lecturer) to investigation, for refusing the university administration. Although, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, Minister of Higher Education has promised to dismiss all university heads after the current semester ends, which means that in all cases, Dr. Hossam Kamel will be dismissed.

Association for Freedom of Though and Expression refuses all sorts of suppression practiced against the students’ freedom to express their ideas and to have the right to practice their political rights peacefully inside the university. Accordingly, it will create a climate of freedom suitable for the education process, and the revolution principles will be put into practice to maintain the freedom to express the demands peacefully without being suppressed.

The students sent to investigation are from faculties: Arts, House of Science, Commerce, Media, Law, Medicine and Dentistry.

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