Dissolving the student unions and the expulsion of the university’s police guards from the Egyptian universities. Other obstacles still exist hindering the achievement of full university independence.

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As a first step towards the independence of universities, the ‘’Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression” received the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities, which dissolved all student unions in Egyptian universities, and called for new elections within 60 days, in addition to the decision on the implementation of the sentence of the Supreme Administrative Court No. 5545, 5742.29491 and 33 299 for the 55th judicial year which repealed the Ministerial Decree No. 1812 of the year 1981 which established and organized university guards administrations, including administrations affiliated to the ministry of internal affair within the faculties and institutes of Cairo University.

however, this step is not enough if not followed by abolishing the student charter issued by Presidential Decree No. 340 of the year 2007, and challenged before the Supreme Constitutional Court in case No. 83 for the 31st judicial year.

AFTE emphasizes that holding any student unions’ elections under the current charter will not bring anything new, but this charter will consolidate with the previous results.

Only the work to issue a new charter, would guarantee the right of students to exercise all kinds of student activities under full freedom, including political activities, and also to offer students the right to participate in the administration of the university through their delegates, and therefore the right of students to observe over the university budget in general, and the budget of the Student Union in particular.

On the other hand, AFTE shows reservations to what has been announced, during the meeting of the supreme council of universities, by the minister of high education ‘’Ahmed Gamal El Deen Mosa’’. The minister said:” It is important to expel the police university guards from university, and to be replaced by civil security administration and the evacuation of the police guards will be carried out in those universities which have already constituted such civil security administration giving the other universities enough transitional time to supply all the necessary measures to secure the buildings and to secure the full discipline of the educational process”; and this way there is no specific time limit given by the minister for universities to fulfill such commitment.

AFTE also emphasizes the necessity of working towards the dissolving of the existing board of administration of universities to be replaced by freely elected boards on all levels starting from the head of the faculties’ departments to the universities’ presidents.

Also, dissolving the boards of Academic Staff members Clubs (the faculty members unions,) and holding new elections, will make these union genuinely representative of their members.

AFTE calls the concerned authorities for the necessary comprehensive change of the university law No. 49 for the year 1972 to satisfy the demands and the hopes of both students and faculty members in their quest for university independence and the improvement of the educational system.


محتوى المدونة منشور برخصة المشاع الإبداعي نَسب المُصنَّف 4.0