AFTE: Ain Shams University refuses to implement court order in unprecedented challenge of Egyptian Judiciary

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Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) condemns the shameful complicity between Ain Shams University Administration

represented by its provost and the deans of faculties of law and science on the one hand and University security authorities on the other hand by preventing “Magdi Abdel Rahman Yucef” second year, faculty of science, “Esam Mohamed Abdel Sabour”, second year, faculty of law, and “Mostafa Fouad Ahmed”, third year, faculty of law from sitting for their January 2011 term exams in two subjects as well as preventing “Motaz Bellah Mohamed”, third years, faculty of law from sitting for term exams in one subject despite the fact that the aforementioned students have received judicial rulings in their favor in cases no. 8778, 8776 and 8777/65J dated 26/12/2010 and 9/1/2011 ordering the cancellation of decisions by deans of faculties of law and science to ban them from sitting for the first two term exams accusing them of distributing leaflets on campus calling for political change.


AFTE condemns the refusal of the Ain Shams administration to execute judicial orders and takes this position to indicate the despotic policy of the university and the administrations and deans’ submission to the orders of security authorities in and outside campus. It is noteworthy that an earlier court order had ruled that security authorities be expelled from campus to ensure independence of the university and the right of students to freely express their views.


AFTE also condemns statements by Dr. Maged el Deeb, provost of Ain Shams University to El Shorouk newspaper on Saturday, the 15th of January 2011 that the above mentioned students came to university with photocopies of the court ruling instead of the originals, arriving late and hence were not allowed to sit for their exams. AFTE had officially informed the university through the state court regarding the execution of the court orders several days before the beginning of the exams. The students themselves went to their exam room with official, stamped copies of the ruling, where they were denied access and told by the vice dean of the faculty of law that they can “soak it and drink its water” indicating the carelessness of professors of law and their contempt of judicial orders, the respect of which they should be teaching their students.


The students filed complaints no. 272/2011 (Magdi Abdel Rahman Yucef) and no. 297 and 318/2011 (Motaz Bellah and Esam Abdel Sabour and Mostafa Fouad respectively) at El Waily police station to document the violation for further legal procedures.


AFTE demands that the provost of Ain Shams University enable those students from taking their exams in those subjects granting them the whole range of grades. AFTE will prosecute the university in case of non compliance. AFTE will also demand compensation for the harm inflicted on the students. It will also continue exposing further incidents of violation and corruption by the university.



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