As a representative of 9th of March Movement for the Independence of Egyptian Universities

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As a representative of 9th of March Movement for the Independence of Egyptian Universities, Dr. Abdel Gelil Mostafa, in collaboration with the two prestigious attorneys, Dr. Salah Sadiq and Dr. Mohsen Shasha of Al Hilali Society for Liberties (Bar Association), filed a lawsuit before the

Administrative Judiciary demanding the evacuation of police forces from the campus of the Egyptian Universities.

After the court deliberated this lawsuit for whole 10 months, it reached the ruling today:

 To stop the negative decree of preventing the administrative authority from establishing a university security unit in Cairo University instead of an administration for university guards that follows the Ministry of Interior and its repercussions in particular preventing the existence of university guards inside the university campus and to not exercise any activities that may touch the independence of the university and the court compelled the administrative authority to pay the costs.

The court based its ruling upon:

the fact that universities are considered the abode for human intellect in its highest levels and the source for investment and development of the most important and valuable wealth of society which is the Human Wealth.

Thus, they contribute to elevation of thought; progress of science and preparing the human supplied with knowledge essentials, the means of advanced research and high values to contribute in building and supporting society, creating the future of the country and serving humanity. Universities are also interested in advocating for the Arab culture, the historic legacy of the Egyptian people, their genuine traditions and considering the high level of religious, ethical and foreign education. Therefore, the constitution was keen on the independence of other universities and Arab and foreign scientific institutions; it states in article 18 “Education is a right guaranteed by the State. It is obligatory in the primary stage and the State shall work to extend obligation to other stages. The State shall supervise all branches of education and guarantee the independence of universities and scientific research centers, with a view to linking all this with the requirements of society and production”. In addition to this, to assure the independence of Universities, it is stated in the provisions explicitly in article 317 of the implementing Statute of the Law of Universities: “a security unit is established in each university the duties of which are specified in protecting university buildings and security and it directly answers to the university president receiving, from him or that acting on his behalf, the necessary instructions to carry out their duties. Their staff should have a special uniform with the logo of the university on it in addition to issuing a decision organizing these units and their formations by the president of the Supreme Council of Universities. This is in order to promote the concept of the independence of universities mentioned in the constitution stating that universities managing their affairs. Thus, no restrictions should be imposed on the university’s practice of its affairs under any cir*****stances as this may lead to underestimation of university’s independence, the independence that is explicitly stated in the provisions of the constitution, in addition as the papers showed that organizational structure of Cairo University does not include a special arrangement of a university security unit following the university’s president but instead practiced by the university guards established by the decision of the Minister of Interior no.1812/81 the activity assigned to the university security unit mentioned in violation to the provision constitution and without legal basis.


محتوى المدونة منشور برخصة المشاع الإبداعي نَسب المُصنَّف 4.0