Attorney General of Prosecutions in Kafr El-Sheikh loses his neutrality and sides with the police arrest and attack campaigns against rights lawyers and students

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Human rights foundations said today that police forces had attacked physically and performed arbitrary arrests against students and citizens who were waiting the outcome of the investigation with female students of the University of Kafr El-Sheikh, “Sarah Rizk and Amina Taha”. When the lawyers of human rights organizations who attended the investigation with the students objected, security forces attacked them and beat them. No one could save them from the hands of the security except Kafr el-Sheikh lawyers.

It was a great shock for the lawyers when they went to the office of Attorney General of Kafr el-Sheikh Prosecutions, counselor Ahmed Tulba, to report the assault on them, where they were surprised by his rage as he scolded them for coming from Cairo to defend “spoiled student” as he said.

Human rights organizations declared: “We are sorry and very surprised at the stance of the highest authority in public prosecution in Kafr El Sheikh, this is bias and a waste of the job requirements occupied by the attorney general, how can we rest assured of the outcome of the investigations supervised by him later on”.

Lawyers working in human rights organizations insisted on making their complaint against the officers responsible for physical attacks against them, the students and their families. These officers are:

1. Afifi al-Najjar, Director of CID, Kafr El-Sheikh police department

2. Haitham Alheiatmi, Superintendent of Investigation at Kafr el-Sheikh

3. Ahmed Sakran, Chief of Detectives of Bandar in Kafr El-Sheikh.

4. Mohammed Khamis, a State Security Officer in Kafr El-Sheik.

Although Chief Prosecutor of Kafr El-Sheikh has accepted the report and told them that he will start the investigation, human rights organizations are going to request the referral of investigation to the Attorney General’s office in Cairo. By declaring his stance and bias against students and lawyers, the Attorney General of Kafr El-Sheikh is in the position of the opponent, which would make human rights organizations suspicious if the investigations were carried out under his supervision.

Human rights organizations:

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

El Nadim Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence.

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression

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