Another Victory for Freedom of Creativity ..Actor ِAcquitted of Unauthorized Practice

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The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, and the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression , AFTE, welcomed the acquittal of the young actor, “Nasser AbdelHafeez” in the case filed against him by the acting professions union leader accusing Nasser of practicing the profession without having a work permit or being registered.

Both organizations believed that the verdict was a significant step in favor of freedom of creativity and against the peculiar legal constraints exercised by the acting professions union against young actors.

Haram Misdemeanor court in Giza , acquitted AbdelHafeez of misdemeanor # 23757/2009, filed by acting union leader accusing him of acting without union permit . Acquittal was issued upon the appeal submitted by AFTE and ANHRI to the first instance sentence issued by Haram misdemeanor court against the young actor on 28/10/2009 fining him LE 10000.

The fining sentence was widely resented by human rights organizations for its arbitrariness against the actor who enjoyed the right to creativity and who had already applied for union registration. His request was rejected in a clear violation of law 30/ 1978,as he meets all prerequisites stipulated by the law ; he is practicing the profession, participated in a number of plays as well as he had graduated the Higher Institute of Art Criticism.

The acting union leader filed a report in Haram police station against Nasser for participating in the TV series “Watar Mashdude” without having a permit. The report was forwarded to Haram misdemeanor court , which ruled a fine, then issued the acquittal on appeal.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression demanded the acting union to stop seizing freedom of creativity and to stand up to its prime duty of endorsing talents and legally protecting them, stressing that there is no creativity without freedom, it is not a grant of some governor or constitution but it is a right equal to the right to life.


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