Joint press statement: Human rights organizations condemn terrorist attacks around Cairo University… In the midst of Cairo university bombings and security violence against students: lives of thousands are threatened

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The undersigned organizations strongly condemn the criminal bombings that took place yesterday, Wednesday the 2nd of April 2014, outside the Cairo university campus in front of the Faculty of Engineering, which witnessed three explosions, resulting in the death of brigadier Tarek el Mergawi and injury of five members of the police force posted around Cairo university. The organizations demands a thorough investigation of the accident and brining perpetrators to a fair trial, as well as abstaining from making hasty ungrounded accusations.

Furthermore the organizations express their deep concern of occurrence of such criminal acts in the vicinity of universities, constituting a clear threat to the lives and safety of students and faculty members. Over the past period the organizations have noted the mounting dangers facing university students, where the campuses have become unsafe spaces, with repeated acts of violence and confrontations associated with violent security interventions against students, a matter that resulted until now in the death of 12 students. This recent incident is a new development in the violence witnessed by universities since the beginning of the academic year, exposing the lives and safety of students to danger.

The undersigned organizations warn, as they did before, of the dangers of resorting to security solutions as the only means in facing those crimes and again reiterate that the increase in acts of oppression and arbitrary detentions will only lead to an increase in terrorist acts. The use of excessive force in addressing violent actions – whether by organized terrorist groups, individuals or revenge in response to lack of justice – has proved its failure. It actually led to a widening in the map of violence and diversity of its perpetrators and the fall of more victims.

Also, the use of laws that restrict public rights and freedoms proved a stark failure in addressing terrorist actions, not only recent ones but ever since the spread of such actions in the seventies of the previous century. It is therefore that the undersigned organizations stress the need for a comprehensive approach based on justice, challenging impunity and ensuring the true, proven perpetrators are brought to justice.

The undersigned organizations also stress the right of society to be accurately informed of the results of investigations in those crimes, in addition to its right to all information related to the security situation in the country and the security, political and legal measures taken by the state in dealing with the situation to ensure safety for all.



1.      Arabic network for human rights information

2.      Association for freedom of thought and expression

3.      Cairo institute for human rights studies

4.      Center for Egyptian women legal aid

5.      Egyptian center for economic and social rights

6.      Egyptian coalition for the rights of the child

7.      Egyptian foundation for advancement of childhood conditions

8.      Nadim center for rehabilitation of victims of violence and torture

9.      National group for human rights and law

10.  Nazra for feminist studies

11. Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement
12. New Woman Foundation



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